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Finally here is the first page of the remake of the first episode of Hotshot Hunters! It has some of the same elements of the original, but I expanded a bit on the plot and details, not to mention an expanded fight scene for Kantra, the female predator of the group. I hope you guys will enjoy this new version of it!

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I probably won’t be posting this here as posts here, but directly to the comics section.



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And so ends the first episode of Hotshot Hunters!!

I have a remake of this baby in the works, which actually introduces us to the rest of the crew of bounty hunters a bit before plunging into these events. I’ll be uploading the first pages come next week, but mind you the remake itself is not yet completed so I’ll be posting other stuff in between pages.

Also, I have in mind setting up a separate gallery just for the comic up there in the comics section, so its easier to go back into the archives and read it from the beginning, and also to separate chapters more efficiently.

The question is if you guys would like that more or just keep it like it is now. So please let me know by voting in the poll to the right!

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The dude inside the building always, always cracks me up. 😀

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First appearance of Kantra (Predagirl in this version) on her awesome Harley Davidson bike. In the remake she will get to show off a lot more of her fighting skill, as opposed to this version, in which she does nothing…

Props if you know who the three men in the bar are.