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I’m going to be posting more often here, I feel like I’ve really abandoned this blog xD

Anyway, this here is a sketch I’m currently working on:

Commission work!

Commission work!

It will be fully shaded and I’m going to try giving it a dark look so he’s sneaking around. Hope you guys like it!!


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Hi! I just want to remind everyone that there new pages in the comics section, if you haven’t already looked at them since my previous post!!

Here’s a quick post of my current work in progress. Its another commission for Guncraft over at DA.

These are getting repetitive so I’m not gonna accept anymore stomping-related commissions for quite some time, its time for me to move on.

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Space Marines, YEAH!

I was commissioned to design these guys a long time ago, along with my very first post. They were supposed to be used for some kind of role playing game, but i never came to fruition.

These guys were supposed to be some of the main units of the human army, infantry and medic. I had me a lot of fun drawing these guys and I think you can actually see the inspiration the James Cameron “Aliens” movie had on my vision of space marines, but then again, who wasn’t inspired by that movie. hahah

Hope ya like!

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Who the hell doesn’t enjoy playing as Akuma? The guy is awesomely powerful, much cooler looking than any of the other “karate outfits” in street fighter, and to top it all off deliciously EVIL.

This little image is my tribute to him in my upcoming “All-Time Fave Characters” drawing, he’ll be there along with Cheetara from the previous post and 520 other characters, ships and objects!!

yeah that’s right, 520 characters in a single image, call me crazy but I think it will be awesome.

Cheetara!   Leave a comment

This baby’s part of a “little” pet project of mine I’ve been working on for a loooooong time. It was a piece titled my All-Time Faves which I uploaded to DA, but that got deleted when my hard-drive went to hell because of a virus attack. Since then, Ive been working on these characters on and off, and well here she is! In all her updated glory!