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Hi! I just want to remind everyone that there new pages in the comics section, if you haven’t already looked at them since my previous post!!

Here’s a quick post of my current work in progress. Its another commission for Guncraft over at DA.

These are getting repetitive so I’m not gonna accept anymore stomping-related commissions for quite some time, its time for me to move on.


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Hi people! Here posting some more sketches. This time its Felicia Bastet’s (look at my last post) little sister Kitty Bastet!
She might look cute at first sight, but she’s more than a handful!

As you can see here! She’s flollowing her sister’s footsteps as an assassin as well!

I really liked this character  and it’s such a shame the project never came to fruition.

What IS coming to fruition is my Hotshot Hunters comic! I’ve uploaded a few more pages of the remake to the first episode, I’ll be seeing to it that I get more pages done during my upcoming break from school.

So be sure to follow that and keep an eye out for more pages soon!


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Here some more sketches I was commissioned to do a looooooooong time ago. They’re part of that defunct game project I was talking about in earlier posts.

This is Felicia Bastett, in her usual secretary uniform.

And in her “sneaking-suit-like” jumpsuit for her covert assassin missions.

Hope you like her!!!

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This baby’s part of a “little” pet project of mine I’ve been working on for a loooooong time. It was a piece titled my All-Time Faves which I uploaded to DA, but that got deleted when my hard-drive went to hell because of a virus attack. Since then, Ive been working on these characters on and off, and well here she is! In all her updated glory!

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So I’ve just gotten myself a wordpress blog. I’ll see what can be done with this site and upload all the ilustrations I can on here as well! 😀
For starters I’ll be adding this baby:

Laying the Smackdown!


Hope you guys enjoy it, and I’ll be adding more soon!

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