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Battle Spino sketch   Leave a comment

I’m going to be posting more often here, I feel like I’ve really abandoned this blog xD

Anyway, this here is a sketch I’m currently working on:

Commission work!

Commission work!

It will be fully shaded and I’m going to try giving it a dark look so he’s sneaking around. Hope you guys like it!!


Spino Battle   Leave a comment

Here’s another progress shot of the spino sketch from last post. It’s beginning to take shape 🙂 Just a few more details and shading and we’re done with this one!

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Work in Progress   Leave a comment

A little something I’m working on at the moment. Commission work that I owe from quite a while back… It still needs a hell of a lot of detail as it should have a full background, a couple more soldiers in the background and full shading. This will be taking up most of my time tomorrow, hahahah.

Hope you like!