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Battle Spino sketch   Leave a comment

I’m going to be posting more often here, I feel like I’ve really abandoned this blog xD

Anyway, this here is a sketch I’m currently working on:

Commission work!

Commission work!

It will be fully shaded and I’m going to try giving it a dark look so he’s sneaking around. Hope you guys like it!!


Stompage   Leave a comment

Hi! I just want to remind everyone that there new pages in the comics section, if you haven’t already looked at them since my previous post!!

Here’s a quick post of my current work in progress. Its another commission for Guncraft over at DA.

These are getting repetitive so I’m not gonna accept anymore stomping-related commissions for quite some time, its time for me to move on.

Postings again, yeah   Leave a comment

Here some more sketches I was commissioned to do a looooooooong time ago. They’re part of that defunct game project I was talking about in earlier posts.

This is Felicia Bastett, in her usual secretary uniform.

And in her “sneaking-suit-like” jumpsuit for her covert assassin missions.

Hope you like her!!!

Craig   Leave a comment

So here’s another little sketch for an old commission project. This huy was supposed to be one of the main characters. Captain or some such of the human army, he was remarkably easy to draw, seeing as he is based on a real person.

I’ll be uploading more sketches while I get the pages of the new comic scanned and lettered.

Works in progress and Exclusive Sketches   1 comment

That’s right, in this blog I’ll be uploading all kinds of sketches I’ve never posted in any of my other online galleries! In here you’ll find everything, from simple sketches done in class, to much more refined works in progress of my pet projects, not to mention the occasional fully completed work, though most of those will be posted directly in my DA.Killer Plant Woman

I hope you like these! There’s still a few more from this particular project I’d like to post so stay tuned!

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