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Battle Spino sketch   Leave a comment

I’m going to be posting more often here, I feel like I’ve really abandoned this blog xD

Anyway, this here is a sketch I’m currently working on:

Commission work!

Commission work!

It will be fully shaded and I’m going to try giving it a dark look so he’s sneaking around. Hope you guys like it!!


Sketchdump!   Leave a comment

This is a collection of many, MANY sketches I’ve drawn over the course of the past 6 years, most of these things are mainly for reference and practice, but I do plan on finishing or reworking a lot of these someday…


Stompage   Leave a comment

Hi! I just want to remind everyone that there new pages in the comics section, if you haven’t already looked at them since my previous post!!

Here’s a quick post of my current work in progress. Its another commission for Guncraft over at DA.

These are getting repetitive so I’m not gonna accept anymore stomping-related commissions for quite some time, its time for me to move on.

Hi, Everyone!   2 comments

So I’ve just gotten myself a wordpress blog. I’ll see what can be done with this site and upload all the ilustrations I can on here as well! 😀
For starters I’ll be adding this baby:

Laying the Smackdown!


Hope you guys enjoy it, and I’ll be adding more soon!

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