Another Day, New Posibilities   Leave a comment

Things are looking up. I feel like I can concentrate better on the task at hand, sure it happens to be homework at the moment, but I’m determined to work on commissions after this today!
I will be reopening commissions in the next few days too, not only do I need the money but having more of these to do has always kept me focused. Not to mention they’re fun most of the time. I will most likely be updating my commissions page with a few more guidelines, as I will be using a new slot system just so I don’t get swamped with too many commissions again. That’s not good for me nor clients.

Anyway, Here is another little commission I did a few weeks ago. It was requested specifically to be used as a tattoo, which is frickin’ SWEET! 😀 Mekes me feel like I’m moving up in the world.

Hope ya like it!


Posted September 28, 2011 by predaguy in Anime, Commissions, Sketches

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