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Hi! I just want to remind everyone that there new pages in the comics section, if you haven’t already looked at them since my previous post!!

Here’s a quick post of my current work in progress. Its another commission for Guncraft over at DA.

These are getting repetitive so I’m not gonna accept anymore stomping-related commissions for quite some time, its time for me to move on.


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Things are looking up. I feel like I can concentrate better on the task at hand, sure it happens to be homework at the moment, but I’m determined to work on commissions after this today!
I will be reopening commissions in the next few days too, not only do I need the money but having more of these to do has always kept me focused. Not to mention they’re fun most of the time. I will most likely be updating my commissions page with a few more guidelines, as I will be using a new slot system just so I don’t get swamped with too many commissions again. That’s not good for me nor clients.

Anyway, Here is another little commission I did a few weeks ago. It was requested specifically to be used as a tattoo, which is frickin’ SWEET! 😀 Mekes me feel like I’m moving up in the world.

Hope ya like it!

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Not really but it sounds awesome.

Oh and look! changed the look of the site a bit!

Lately I’ve been finding it hard to concentrate on drawing. If I’m not being distracted by school work I sometimes find myself doing other crap I’m not even supposed to be doing. *coughElder Scrollscough-cough* I really don’t like how this is turning out for the bunch of commissions I still got piled up that need to get done. So I’m gonna be accelerating my workflow. I’m gonna make myself a nice day planner and figure out a schedule for everything. This way I can get back on the horse and still have time for schoolwork and other crap that needs to be done *coughNot ElderScrollscough-cough*

Anyway, I want to upload progress shots of what I’ll be working on next. Just to see if I can actually follow said schedule or something… So I guess you can expect more uploads sooner or later around here.

Ok, this one here is yet another commission for fellow DA user “Guncraft
He wanted me to show two of his characters in a “training room” scenario, beating up some evil bug-like “Cynid” dummies. Good stuff.

Hope ya like it!

On another note, I’ve recently put up more pages of the Bounty Hunt episode remake of my Hotshot Hunters comic. So if you’ve been looking forward to that, head on over to the comics section up top 😀

see ya Around!

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