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He'll fuck you up with his pointy condom tail

Yeh, Cell was always my favorite DBZ villain. Not only was he bug-like in nature but he had all the best qualities of all the fighters faced before. Sure he was a narcissist prick, but he had to have some flaws to be a villain. I particularly like him a lot better in his first form here, since he got way too conceited once he got perfect. His fight with Piccolo in this form had some f the most epic animation I’ve seen in DBZ!

Anyway! Some of you may have noticed there’s a new section at the top of the blog labeled Comics, which is essentially a description of all my comic projects, and the links there lead nowhere… In the near future, I will be uploading all of my comic projects onto here, maybe one per day, or 3 per week. Hopefully I’ll have more time in the future to draw more of them.


Posted May 27, 2011 by predaguy in Anime, Fan-Art, Works In Progress

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  1. Something I never got about DBZ and other animes is the more powerful something gets, the more human it becomes.

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