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Haaha! As you can see Quagmire enjoys my last post. Such a freaking perv, but funny as hell. I know Family Guy isn’t what it used to be these days, (though I quite enjoyed the Star Wars parodies and I’ve yet to see the eight season) but back in the day Quagmire here added a lot of hilarity to the show. And I can’t help but laugh every time I watch the old episodes where he’s always getting into trouble.  He was fun to draw and it’s actually quite refreshing to draw something that isn’t very anime-ish, as that what I seem to be drawing most these days. It’s a nice change, good thing there are a few more non-anime characters like these that I’ve got planned for my tribute poster.

Even though he wasn’t in the original “All-Time Faves” poster here, I think he deserved a spot for making me laugh so much. I think I may actually post the new list of all the characters I’ve got planned for this one.


Posted May 20, 2011 by predaguy in Fan-Art, Works In Progress

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